Wir gratulieren Frank Schoppa, Juliana Gruninger und Thomas Marun zur bestandenen Prüfung zum 3. Brown Belt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Wir gratulieren Alexander Schindler zur bestandenen Prüfung zum 3. Brown Belt und Sharon Gromadecka zur bestandenen Prüfung zum Green Belt. Glückwunsch!

Flaming Fist American Kenpo Camp

Great Camp with Matt Snell, Jaki McVicar, Mervin Ormand and Richard Matthews. A special thank for Matt Snell and the organisation team! We are happy to have met a lot of Kenpo people, which are interested to sharing the ideas of Ed Parker and to live for the martial arts. It was a wonderfull time with the Kenpo Family in Exeter. Looking forward to 2018!

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Wir gratulieren Andre Sauer zu seiner bestandenen Prüfung zum 1st Brown Belt in England (Devon). Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

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Christian Junge im Asia Budo Club Pulsnitz 4.-6.11.2016